Thursday, December 6, 2012

Outreach & Programming

Outreach & Programming

For this portion of the journal, I visited the Lenawee County Library, a public library system in Southeast Michigan. I was impressed by the wide variety of programs that the library offered to various groups including children, teens, adults, and seniors. The library also has a traveling bookmobile that visits various organizations and has public stops at several rural locations. The bookmobile visits several senior living facilities and a center for mentally challenged individuals.  Here are some examples of the different types of programs that they are offering this month:

Children’s Programs

·        Prime Time: a family storytelling program for all ages. This program offers translations services for Spanish Speaking patrons.

·        Library Treat Program: a program where children can have a treat if they visit the library during selected hours.

·        Family Morning Movie: Families can watch a popular movie together

Teen Programs

·        Gaming Program: featuring both video and board games

·        Teen Bookclub and Movie Night

Adult & Senior Programs

·        Origami group:  make Origami creations

·        Lenawee Weavers: a group of crafty individuals who weave their own creations.

·        Various Adult Bookclubs

·        Lenawee PC User Group: a group for computer users.

The library promotes inclusion through its wide variety of programs targeting a wide variety of patrons with various interests. The library also hosts most of the programs in a handicap accessible room. All programming is free and most programs provide any needed supplies.

There is not one specific individual who plans programming at Lenawee County Library. Each department (Youth Services, Adult Services, Bookmobile) plans activities to target their specific population. Most programs have an all age’s audience and can accommodate various levels of comprehension.

The bookmobile is one of the libraries true gems for outreach to seniors and individuals with disabilities. Various craft programs are offered as are storytelling’s on the bookmobile and in the senior centers where they visit.  Also the library provides a delivery service to patrons who cannot physically visit the library.

Overall the Lenawee County Library does a fantastic job of serving a wide variety of patrons in Lenawee County, including seniors and individuals with disabilities.

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